Car Wash

Car Wash is a disco, funk and house graphic design fundraiser event created and organized by myself and a small group of fellow Graphic Design students from Arts University Bournemouth. Car Wash hosted  three separate nights spanned across the academic year, Car Wash: Grand Opening, Car Wash: Electric Avenue and Car Wash: Hot Wax

Car Wash was created by Luke Whitehead and myself in September 2019 to help fundraise our graduation show. I personally worked on the main branding and as a creative director across our events. All the work above is my own.

* All the following work has been created in collaboration with a small group of fellow students at Arts University Bournemouth. These students include:

  • Luke Whitehead

  • Callum Stringer

  • John Sim

  • Ramadan Morina

  • Tom Cornwell

  • Jamie Young

  • Jordan Robertson

  • Oliver Snell

  • Paige Barson

  • Yara Nasrallah

  • Oceanne Chin

Whilst I helped on a lot of the following work, I cannot claim in as my own.